Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Latest Airtel Free GPRS Unlimited Using Browser Hack May 2008


So another hack been found out for free Unlimited Gprs for Airtel live users.The new trick for Airtel free internet is by using a browser called teashark or Ucweb.Follow the steps below for unlimited mobile browsing.

Download Teashark browser(for MIDP 2.0 handsets only) from here or from here if you are using mobile browser( Wap link also given below )

Install the browser and select Airtel Live as the access point and start browsing absolutely free.(Don't worry airtel won't charge you ......:)

If Teashark browser doesn't work then go for Ucweb browser which can be downloaded from here.They also have many features like inbuild download manager,search function,email service and also page saving options.

Download Teashark Browser (Download to PC) Wap link

Download UCWeb Browser (Download to PC) Wap link

I am presently checking whether it is possible to connect and browse in PC using this new Airtel Hack. If you have any problems configuring free gprs then just comment here.


Anonymous said...

hw 2 ser airtel live as access point in motorola phone???

Anonymous said...

i use siemens handset and it works but iam not able to download anything with the download manager that comes with the browser,it says invalid location iam able to surf the websites at good speed

Anonymous said...

hey can any 1 tell me that how i an download any things from sites on mobile...
i am using nokia n73 with teashark..

Anonymous said...

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